Monday, October 16, 2006

Church of Scientology vs. Mormons

I read an article recently on whether Tom Cruise could rehabilitate his image and career after so vocally espousing his silly religion. It got me to thinking about how silly it all is.

Consider the following:

Scientology excersizes control over initmate aspects of members lives. For example, demanding silence during birthing. Mormons tell members what kind of underwear to wear, and how to make love.

Scientologists believe that drugs are bad, regardless of medical evidence to the contrary. Mormons believe that green tea and wine are bad, regardless of medical evidence to the contrary.

Scientologists expect you to give increasing amounts of money to the Church, in order to learn more and grow. Mormons expect you to give 10% of all your income to the church, in order to get to heaven.

Scientologists have a book of scripture, that is repetitive and useless to anyone but members. Mormons have a book of scripture that is not only repetitive, but poorly written and useless to anyone but members.

Scientologists cover up all of their financial dealings. Mormons, same thing.
Scientologists have yachts that they claim are essential parts of the religion, yet most members have never been aboard. Mormons have temples.

Scientology was founded by a megalomaniac drug adict. Mormonism was founded by a megalomaniac sex addict. Scientology's second leader was vengeful despot who tried to silence critics by threatening and killing them. Mormonism's second leader was Brigham Young.

Scientologists are taking over downtown Clearwater Fl. Mormons are taking over downtown Salt Lake City.

Scientologists love to parade their celebrity members, and make concessions to the rules for them. Mormons... Same thing.

Scientologists expel member critics and sue non members. Mormons excommunicate members who question policy. They sue the Tanners for publishing their policy manual.

Suddenly I'm not sure which religion is which. I remember one of them was founded by a chain smoker who's grave no one can find, and one of them was founded by a serial pederast who's death no one can agree on...

Not to sound cliche, but how did I ever believe all that?


Blogger Joe said...

Wow, good analysis Nom. Actually I find the whole thing quite funny on one level. I've haerd TBM family say things about how dumb scientolgy is... well uh, pot and kettle.

I'd add to your list about mental illness. Scientologists don't believe it exists and mormons believe it only effects those who are greivous sinners.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Interesting post!

10:15 PM  
Blogger DPC said...

Most of these comparisons you try to make between Scientology and Mormonism are superficial and cynical, and unfair to both organizations. You could do a cynical comparison between any two religions and come to same conclusion you reached here(e.g. Judaism was founder by a charismatic leader, Moses, who went into a mountain and met with God versus Islam where a charismatic leader, Mohamed,went up into a mountain and met with God) All religion, when considered from a 'modernist' viewpoint is silliness. Unfortunately, the modernist viewpoint is silliness when looked at from a post-modernist viewpoint. It's one thing to critically analyze the claims of a religion and quite another to dismiss the religious beliefs of others with a condescending wave of your hand

1:33 PM  

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